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Our know-how at your service

Cardiam a privileged actor in diamond and tungsten carbide.

As such we offer a complete range of:

Grinding wheel, resin and CBN grinding wheel, vitreous grinding wheel

Trainers of all types

A wide range of diamond products (files, discs, mills, honing tools, special tools).

Forest for glass, quartz, marble, ceramics, abrasive materials

PCD, PCD, CBN, milling, forest, reamer, any special tool for cutting composite materials.

Polishing paste, lapping fluid.

Our specialist team is at your disposal because everything that cuts, rubs, wears can be made of tungsten carbide.

Any room following plan

Standard flat or rectified flat

Standard cylindrical bar, plain or rectified solid or with oil hole.

Special bar of any size (Ø1au Ø40) cylindrical, stepped in one word ‘ready to cut’

Grinding: wear part for crusher (food, quarry, plastics, pharmaceutical.)

Whatever your situation, your needs, your activity, our experienced team is at your disposal to bring you the best advice.

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