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Diamond tools

To machine a composite material is mainly to cut fibers avoiding to cause superficial burns, delaminations or flaking.

The many problems related to cutting are: tearing, delamination, tool wear, temperature rise … hence the need for efficient cutting tools. Electro-deposited tools meet this need.

In collaboration with our customers, we design and manufacture diamond and CBN tools adapted to their needs, thus improving machining efficiencies.

Diamond Applications:

Composite machining Aerospace, carbon fiber, fiberglass, laminates, rubber, PVC, engineering plastics, ceramics, glass machining …

CBN application:

High speed grinding of hard steels

Circular saw: All diameters and bores, with radius or not, continuous or with notches, mounted on a monoblock tail

Diamond jigsaw blades (all types)

Diamond and CBN milling cutters

Cutters and Shape Tools: Chamfer, Cone, Diamond or CBN coated spokes

Diamond drill bits: with spring ejection and smooth pilot

Diamond grinder and CBN for internal grinding with steel or carbide rod.

Diamond grinder for machining carbide, ceramic, graphite, glass, etc.

CBN grinding mill for machining: hardened steel, superalloys, etc …

Diamond Files or CBN-Borazon type Needles, Geneva, Specials.

Diamond or CBN-Borazon rifflers of all types

Diamond Paste in Syringe: For hand honing applications, Cardiam offers a broad range of diamond pastes for fast material removal, extrafine finishing, honing and pre-polishing. Granulometry from 1/10 to 90

Trainer: In order to have a cutting wheel during the grinding process, it is important to choose the grinding wheel * but also the proper dressing tool. It occupies a key function throughout the grinding process and in particular regarding the quality and cost-effectiveness of machining. The person responsible for the correction process must know how to choose the right training tool and how to use it effectively. You can choose your diamond training tools by telling us the caratage and the type of frame you want, or by submitting your application. We have the training solution that meets your expectations.