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The rapid growth of the automotive industry has necessitated the use of “hard-to-grind” materials and alloys, the demand for strong, powerful and high-quality machine tools for cutting, grinding, sharpening, grinding and shaping such materials. ceases to increase. To meet these new needs, we develop super-abrasive tools for diamond and CBN (cubic boron nitride).

Today, the development and use of these specialized diamond and CBN grinding tools and tools has spread to various industries.

We offer:

Flat grinding wheels, cylindrical grinding, Centerless grinding, lap grinding, profile grinding, tool grinding and grinding, bucking.

Grinding and grinding wheels for carbide inserts.

Wheels for hard metal, ceramic, sapphire, glass, steel, aluminum, brass, ferrite, magnetic materials or fiberglass reinforced materials.

Diamond wheel and CBN grinding wheel with HSS and Tungsten carbide cutting tools.

Diamond and CBN resin binder wheels for all cutting and CNC applications.

CBN grinding wheels are intended for the grinding of rolls of hot or cold rolling mills, but also of large diameters and long lengths, made of high-alloyed steel, treated cast iron, high speed steel, hardened sintered steel.

These grinding wheels are also made of diamond for plasma-coated cylinders with tungsten carbide or chromium oxide.